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Slayer Seed was founded by Lance Brown who is an avid outdoorsman and whitetail enthusiast. His passion for perfection has always pushed him to extremes to be the best at what he does. Combine this with his deep love for the whitetail deer, thousands of hours of research, as well as hundreds of varieties of plants tested and you can't help but come up with the best food plot seed mixes out there. Here is Lance to tell you a little about himself.

Hi,                                                                                                     My name is Lance Brown and I am the founder of Slayer Seed. I truly believe I have a love for the whitetail deer like no one you have ever met. I have literally thought about both deer and deer hunting 24/7 365 days a year since I was fourteen years old (1979). This isn't just a figure of speech either. Until the internet came along where I could meet other like minded people my social life had been practically non existent because I was either in the woods learning or studying through books (and later the internet) with every moment of free time I had. I even quit jobs if they wouldn't give me time off to go hunting. Nothing else mattered. So when I decided to come up with some food plot mixes for my own use I used this same passion and thoroughness to come up with the best food plot seed mixes anywhere.

I first became interested in planting food specifically for deer (including trees and shrubs) after reading an article around 1980 about corn, alfalfa and the record book bucks that resulted from the nutrition provided by these crops (the article also showed the nutritional breakdown of each plant). In 1998 I started making custom seed blends (& doing habitat planning/management) for people as a hobby because I enjoyed helping people grow bigger deer and making their hunting better. I have put a ridicules number of hours of research into plants and forage for deer. Even down to the amino acid make up of the protein in plants when I could find it and believe me... I dig long, deep and hard. LOTS of dry boring reading of university papers offset by the fun of field testing hundreds of varieties of forage plants. Why? Because I always hoped to own a piece of whitetail heaven to manage and because I'm a Whitetail Freak!! Plus I have a little bit of an obsessive compulsive personality. LOL Finally, I decided to start a company even though there is no money in the seed business for the little guy. I decided to do it because I just plain wanted to. It's part of my passion. I didn't start it so I could make a living at it. My goal was to just get what I could from it, see where it took me and most importantly to provide the best darn seed blends on the market!!! Period! And so Slayer Seed was born.

So, if your willing to give the little guy a chance and are willing to try a premium scientifically designed seed blend then please give Slayer Seed a try. By doing so we will both be happy. I say this because I truly believe that you will be very happy with our products.

Sincerely wishing you nothing but success in all your endeavors,


P.S. If you want to learn to do more than just grow big bucks, but to also KILL those big old boys (even with out food plots and on heavily pressured public land) then please join me on the forum (I go by DEERSLAYER) where you can meet and learn from the "Big Buck Serial Killer" himself..... Dan Infalt.

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